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Reflection 1

Posted on: March 1, 2011

This is my first course in the college since I graduated.  In the first week I was happy to join this course because I know it’s not allowed to anyone to join from the midterm. However, I was worried about the people who I will meet, but now I feel comfortable with my new friend.  This level is difficult and has a lot of things to do. For example, I have to read an article or book and summarize it every week. I also have to do some practice in the college website. In addition, I have to use the student blog to put all my work and the voice thread to practice the speaking.

 I manage to finish everything on time and to organize my day. I study for 4 or 5 hours a day, spend time with my family and do my hobby which is graphic design. I meet my friend at the weekend and we have a coffee or a lunch.

 I feel comfortable when I use the new technology to do my English work such as the blog and voice thread because it’s lets me see my friends work so I can have different ideas about the topic. Moreover,I  see the comment which the teachers write about my friends mistake so I will learn from this mistake.  The one thing that I didn’t like so much is the way that we practice the writing.  I think if each one write her owns eassy and then we discuss all together will be better because everyone will know her band and see her mark and try to improve herself.


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1 Response to "Reflection 1"

You have really got an effective study plan–I’m sure other students have learned from your example.

I understand some students prefer to write individual essays, while others prefer collaborative writing. I like to give students a choice wherever possible. I believe first drafts should be individual, and second drafts can be more open.

I do think collaborative second drafts on EtherPad are useful for Task 1 because it is so structured, and yet different people can find different ways to write about a particular graph. If you’re in a group where everyone participates equally, everyone brings different skills to the task that you can learn from. Some students are good at analysing data; others are good at organising paragraphs; others are good at editing or spelling.

For the rest of the semester you will have a choice about writing second drafts individually or with a partner. Either way, you should use the draft process to get another student’s opinion about your writing. This is something all writers do–every writer needs a critical audience!

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