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Posted on: March 9, 2011



This is my third portfolio it about Jumanju which is a classic book story and it’s also converted into movie.  I find this article in the free encyclopedia and I choose it because I watched the movie and I bought the board game when I was in Munich. 

Jumanju is a board game as the writer mention it’s for these who seek to find away to leave their world behind.

The story started in 1896, when two boys bury the board game near Brantford, New Hampshire and then when the boys go away the sound of tribal drums heard.

In 1969, Alan parish flees his bicycle from bullies and then he went to father factory and when he damage one of the machine he fell accident and when he decide to go out of the factory he hear the sound drums of the game.  he take the game home and when her parents when to a party his girlfriend Sara Whittle visit him and they began the game. With each roll of the dice, the events described by the board tell you what will happen. Alan started the game and it take him inside the board.

26 later Judy and peter movie into Alan house family with their aunt Nora. Judy and peter hear the sound drums of the game and they decided to play it while his aunt go out. when they started it and As the game progresses, their quiet home is transformed by a hungry lion and Alan go out of the game ,a band of mischievous monkeys, a befuddled guide, a monsoon, a rhinoceros stampede,

and a giant python draped across the mantelpiece. Just as the children begin to lose hope that their home will ever be quiet again, Judy wins the game by landing on the square representing the golden city of Jumanji and then Alan and Sarah find themselves as children in 1969 , but they still remember what happen during the game and they decided to throw this game in the river.

Alan and Sarah got married and they get knowledge of their experience during the game and try to change the future for the better.


Some New World I learned:


Bury: (v) to put a dead body in a grave.

Unearths 😦 v) to dig sth up out of the ground; to discover sth that was hidden.

Gang: (n) an organized group of criminals.

Accidentally: (adv) happening by chance; not having been planned.

Dice: (n) a small cube with a different number of spots (from one to six) on each side, used in certain games.

Transformed: (v) to change sb/sth completely.

Mischievous: (adj) (usually used about children) fond of having fun in a rather naughty way.

Python : (n) a large snake that kills animals by squeezing them very hard.

Giant: (n) a person of human shape but enormous size and strength.

Monsoon: (n) the season of heavy rain in southern Asia or the wind which brings the rain.

Mantelpiece: (n) a self that above a fireplace.

Rhinoceros: (n) a large animal from Africa or Asia, with a thick skin and either one or two horns on its nose.




2 Responses to "Reading Report3"

Great summary, but what about your opinion?

I think it a nice story and I liked it very much because it like a new story and the make it as film and then they strat to sell the game in the market

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