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Reflection 3

Posted on: April 18, 2011


We have now spent 11 weeks in the college.  During this time we took two writing exams task one in week five and the other in week nine.  When I finished my exam, I thought that I didn’t do very well and I would not pass and really I was very frustrated.  However, when they post it, I was pleased because I passed and got c and c+. I also felt happy that my skill has improved in writing. I decided to study hard and spend more time to do extra work. As I see, I need to work more in Tense Buster for my grammar. Moreover, I need to learn more new vocabulary which will give me a higher band. One more plus, is to practice and practice everyday and I need to time my self as for the Ielts exam, 20 min task 1 and 49 min task 2. The most important thing to give you a clear essay, is to plan for it before you start writing.  Finally, I hope to get a higher mark for the next exam and pass the whole course.   

Word account: 185   


3 Responses to "Reflection 3"

Hi Shefa,

Shefa you have an incorrect worde it is (Ausrealia & lawas).
It should be (Australia & laws).

On the other hand I really enjoyed reading your rport.

Hajar ???

I thnk you’re commenting on a different report.

Shefa, it sounds like you have some effective strategies for improving your writing.

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