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Reading Report 9

Posted on: May 4, 2011




Fire Ant Life Raft




An engineering professor called Davis and his graduate student heard about report of ant life raft.  They say that all eggs in colony will take their way in network tunnel and when the water become up all ant join together in less than two minutes to float to keep them safe and that’s because of tiny hairs on it’s body.

In my opinion, the ant teach us how to co-operate and work together.


 Report Link


New Word I learned:


Flood: (v) to fill a place with water; to be filled or overflow with water.

 colony: (n) a country or area that is ruled by another, more powerful country.

 raft: (n) a type of simple flat boat that you make by tying pieces of wood together.

 Tunnels: (n) a passage under the ground or sea, river, etc.

 Massive: (adj) very big.

 float: (v) to stay on the surface of a liquid and not sink; to move gently on the surface of a liquid.

 submerged: (v) to go or make sth go under water.


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Please state the source of the text in the first sentence.

Ants are certainly fascinating creatures. Have you ever watched them?

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