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Posted on: May 14, 2011


Sockeye Salmon


This is my last reading , it’t about Sockeye Salmon from national geographic site. Sockeye name come from the word – suk kegh –  when a poor British people try to tanslante it and it’s mean red fish.  Sockeye is one of the seventh smallest different type of salmon which live in pacific.  They born in fresh water and they stay here for three years then they move to Pacific where they grow and feeding and stay here form for fouy years and come bake to the river to put their egg.  There sizw is 60 to 84 cm in tallest and weight 2.3 to 7 kg. They have a silver flanks with black dots on top which give them there name “blueback” . Their bodiws is bright res with a greenish head and they have an orange meat. I think  Sockeye Salmon in a nice fish which have a nice meat and let everyone to learn more about them. 


 Report Link



New word I learned:

 attempt: (v) to try to do sth that is difficult.

succulent: (adj) used about food) very good to eat because it is not dry.

require: (v)  to need.

juvenile: (n) (formal) a child or young person who is not yet adult.

flank: (n) the side of an animal or of an army ready for battle


2 Responses to "Reading Report 10"

I found your report interesting to read and I learnt something new, where the name ‘sockeye’ comes from.

Could you please supply the link to the article?

OK I’ve found the link now!

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