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Reflection 4

Posted on: May 22, 2011


Now we spent fifteen weeks in the college and in fact it was a difficult time because our IELTS exam is in week seventeen so I am worried about it. I try to finished all my assignments on time but I focus on a problem which makes me late to post my work in the blog  and that’s because the college site wasn’t open in the house but when we speak to our teacher and she speak to the supervisor they solved the problem. I have managed my time by finishing a lot of the work during the weekend so during weekday I just do my homework and review for the IELTS. In the afternoon I stay with my family. I feel that I need some week to be ready for the IELTS except for the writing, however, I am trying to be ready by studying hard these two weeks, but I am still worried about it.  We did the Heate exam, it was easy but the last part in reading is difficult, but it’s still easier than the IELTS. Next year I think I will practice my English by speaking with our teacher and doing some work in the library. I don’t thing I need to use Voice Thread anymore because I need to deal with people to prepare me ready for job.

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1 Response to "Reflection 4"

The last few weeks have indeed been busy. I’m sure a lot of students feel the same anxiety. Hopefully all your hard work this semester has paid off!

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