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These pie charts show  the age of the children’s first experience of child care according to their parents level of education.  They are divided in three groups, less than high school, high school diploma and at least some college.

As you can see, children who were more than two years old had the highest percentage of child care in all level education of parent. The children whose their parent did not finish high school were more than half which was about 59%. While 43% of children there parent had a high school diploma and 36% of the parent had some college certificate.  The second segments in all groups of parent education were for children who are newborn to three months old. About third of children who there parent had a high school and college graduate were had a child care at 33% and 34%. However, only 17% of children who there parent was less than high school educated. Children who aged 12 to 23 months are nearly the same percentage in all level of education parent. They were between than 11% and 14%.

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You’ve really worked hard on this one, Shefa. The description is pretty clear except for the last two sentences. Your complex sentences need some tuning, but I think you met the challenge of describing these pie charts. Well done!

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