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Climate Changes


We see many global warming these days in the world.  Scientists are worried about the future and they co –operate with news media to present about it.  Many people think that it’s a government responsibility, but the other believe it’s individual responsibility.  As I see, the government and individuals should work together to solve this problem.

 In the begging I will mention the government responsibly because it plays the important most role.  Many businesses don’t think about their environment,  when they see the big profit so they use much gas in their factories to produce products.  Government should put taxies for these businesses to stop using much gases.  In addition, government should plant more trees because they will take co2  and gives us Oxygen.

 On the other hand, individuals must be responsible to play their part to save their environment.  First of all, people should stop using private transport for their short trip and choose to walk, cycle or take a bus.  This means less air pollution.  Moreover, people should think about how they will use the energy in their house so they need to use less electricity for example, if nobody in the room, they need to switch off the light and AC.


In conclusion, products environment is a global issue which need government and individuals to cooperate together to solve this problem. We also must not forget the media player to educate people and tell them the cause and the bad effect of this problem, also tell them how to solve this problem.

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