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Line graph


The line graph illustrates the percentage of people who had smart phones for three different brands. RIM, Palm and Apple. 

As you can see,  RIM and Palm were the more popular brand, than Apple,however, Apple was only started  to be used by July 2007. In June 2006, the most poupluar brand was Plam. RIM was owned by 30% of the people which increased to 37%, whereas Palm was owned by 36% of the people and then it decreased to 30% in Jan 2007. In April 2007, the percentage of both these brand were reduced, but RIM was still the most popular. From Jul 2007 to Oct 2007, there were no changes in the percentage of owners of Palm  which became less popular year by year, it dropped to 16% in March 2008, while RIM  Increased to 42%. Apple increased each year by 2 %.  In Jul 2007, Apple was owned by 4% March 2008 this increased to  9%.


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