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Many people think that throwing rubbish on the street is not a big problem.  However, litter on the street and sidewalks makes the environment less attractive and dangerous.  Also, there will be an increase in the number of rats or other animals searching for food.  In my opinion, it is clearly a good idea to fine these people and encourage them to stop this bad habit.

Fining people who throw rubbish in public places is a good way because they will be ashamed that someone saw him and make him pay money.  This idea will get a positive effect if the policemen or municipality decide to catch these people and make them pay a certain amount as a punishment so they will not throw anything again.

Instead of fining the people they could make them clean the streets and beaches like what they did in Dubai. In addition, the government needs to provide more rubbish bins because there are so many busy people walking on the streets and sidewalks all the time and some of them eat while they walking so if there is a rubbish bin on every street or every corner, people will have a place to put their garbage.

To summarize, I think we need to educate the public by using the media to advertisement on T.V. and with posters on the bad effects for our environment such as, the dangers to animals and the cause of pollution so the people have to be a responsible themselves.


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You’ve offered several excellent suggestions, Shefa. Do you think families can help by teaching their children not to litter?

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