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The map shows the worldwide Face book users in April 2011. As it’s clearly seen, the most users of Face book were in the USA.  They were 152,189,880 million users.  The second biggest number of users Face book was in Indonesia with 35,174,940 million users. While, the lowest countries of using Face book were in Saudi Arabia and Sweden.  They were 7,596,100 million users in total.  In Asia, there were more male users than female users, while in the West more female users than male users. People say  no women in India uses Face book.  The highest average age of users, where in Canada and Spain. There were equal in the average of ages which is for 32 years old.  However, the youngest average of ages where in Indonesia which about 23 years of users used Face book. The most addicted of users where in the USA, Canada and the UK which about 70, while the lowest addicted of users in Indonesia.

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