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I spent eight weeks in the college. During this time, a lot of things happened.  First of all,  there were many pieces of work that I had to complete on time such us, summarize reading report, voice thread, Ether pad, Road to IELTS and Tense Buster. I was happy about the mark I got in the Math quiz and finished all my work on time.On the other hand, I was worried about the project, exam and some assignments that I didn’t understand.  I felt comfortable when I did video recordings for speaking practice because I know it will help me to be ready for the mid exam.

I always prefer to do all my work in the house because I like to study alone and understand what I did.  I usually study for four hours and then I stay with my family. During the weekend I went out with my friends or my family.  I think I need to study hard after week eight because of the Ielts exam. I felt happy and comfortable when I did all my work online because It saves time and you can finish your work even, if you are absent .  On the other hand, I don’t agree with the Ether pad because each student has their own idea so it will be difficult for the group to write one paragraph. I think if each student writes her own essay on the eater pad it will help us to know our band .

Number of words: 250



This is my fifth reading report I post it .  I decided to learn some new facts about penguins. Penguins are a group of birds which live in the southern Hemisphere especially in Antarctica. They have black and white feathers and they are not able to fly. They spend most of the time underwater to search for food. when Penguins are underwater, they flop their wings like they are flying. Their body built for the most efficient swimming with their average speed in the water being about 15 miles per hour. The only time penguins are airborne is when they leap out of the water.  Penguins will often do this to get a gulp of air before diving back down for fish.  Penguins cannot breathe underwater, so they are able to hold their breath for a long time.  They also use their ability to leap out of the water to get from the ocean onto land if there are cliffs to deal with. Penguins spend a lot of time dealing with temperature.  They are warm-blooded, just like people. They stay warm in the cold places because they have a layer of fat under their skin called “blubber”.  Overtop of this they are covered with fluffy “down” feathers and overtop of those they have their outer feathers which overlap to seal in warmth.  Penguins rub oil from a gland onto their feathers to help make them waterproof and windproof.

During the mating season penguins head for special nesting areas on the shore.  The area where penguins mate, nest and raise their chicks is called a “rookery”.  When penguins are ready to mate, the male stands with his back arched and wings stretched.  He makes a loud call and struts about to attract a female. and when they find a mate, they bond with each other by touching necks and slapping each other on the back with their flippers.  They also “sing” to each other so they learn to recognize each other’s voices. Once a penguin finds a mate, they usually stay together for years — for as long as they have chicks. 

I think penguins is a nice animal which attractive us to learn more about them because they are not in the whole world , just in part of it .  I really liked these facts and I recommend to everyone read more and more about them.

New word I learnd:

flop: (v)  to hang down loosely.

efficient: (adj) able to work well without making mistakes or wasting time and energy.

 airborne :  (adj) flying in the air.

leap: (v) to jump high or a long way.

gulp: (v) to eat or drink sth quickly.

cliff: (n) a high, very steep area of rock, especially one next to the sea.


This is my forth reading report . I decided to do some thing different from the other one I did so I choose a story from the library which an adentouous story.  it’s wrote by jules verne. the story tell us that German scientist, Professor Lidenbrock, has bought an original manuscript titled the “Heims Kringla,” by Snorro Turleson, a twelfth century Icelandic author. Whilst Professor Lidenbrock is perusing the manuscript, a document falls out. It is written by the alchemist Arne Saknussemm, and it claims to have found a way to the centre of the Earth through the mouth of a volcano in Iceland. The Professor’s nephew, Axel, is immediately worried at his uncle’s excitement.  in the early parts of the novel, Axel, who narrates the story, colourfully describes his uncle’s mad and impatient nature. Axel knows that once the idea of travelling to the centre of the Earth has been implanted in the Professor’s mind, he will be difficelat to Lidenbrock’s crazy schemes. Axel’s fate is soon sealed. Even his girlfriend, Grauben, is not alarmed by the prospect of Axel travelling to the centre of the earth. She wishes him well and promises to marry him on his return. Uncle and nephew then promptly travel to Iceland and start their adventure. in my opinion  , I don’t like this story because I feel it’s boring  not interesting but I read it beacause my friend recommed it to me and I  recommed it to who loves adventures and discovery.

New world I learned:

manuscript : (n) a very old book or document that was written by hand.

volcano : (n) a mountain with a hole at the top through which steam, hot rocks, fire, ect.

narrates : ( v) to tell story.

alarmed : (adj) frightened or worried.

adventure :  ( N) an experience or event that is very unusual, exciting or dangerous.



This is my third portfolio it about Jumanju which is a classic book story and it’s also converted into movie.  I find this article in the free encyclopedia and I choose it because I watched the movie and I bought the board game when I was in Munich. 

Jumanju is a board game as the writer mention it’s for these who seek to find away to leave their world behind.

The story started in 1896, when two boys bury the board game near Brantford, New Hampshire and then when the boys go away the sound of tribal drums heard.

In 1969, Alan parish flees his bicycle from bullies and then he went to father factory and when he damage one of the machine he fell accident and when he decide to go out of the factory he hear the sound drums of the game.  he take the game home and when her parents when to a party his girlfriend Sara Whittle visit him and they began the game. With each roll of the dice, the events described by the board tell you what will happen. Alan started the game and it take him inside the board.

26 later Judy and peter movie into Alan house family with their aunt Nora. Judy and peter hear the sound drums of the game and they decided to play it while his aunt go out. when they started it and As the game progresses, their quiet home is transformed by a hungry lion and Alan go out of the game ,a band of mischievous monkeys, a befuddled guide, a monsoon, a rhinoceros stampede,

and a giant python draped across the mantelpiece. Just as the children begin to lose hope that their home will ever be quiet again, Judy wins the game by landing on the square representing the golden city of Jumanji and then Alan and Sarah find themselves as children in 1969 , but they still remember what happen during the game and they decided to throw this game in the river.

Alan and Sarah got married and they get knowledge of their experience during the game and try to change the future for the better.


Some New World I learned:


Bury: (v) to put a dead body in a grave.

Unearths 😦 v) to dig sth up out of the ground; to discover sth that was hidden.

Gang: (n) an organized group of criminals.

Accidentally: (adv) happening by chance; not having been planned.

Dice: (n) a small cube with a different number of spots (from one to six) on each side, used in certain games.

Transformed: (v) to change sb/sth completely.

Mischievous: (adj) (usually used about children) fond of having fun in a rather naughty way.

Python : (n) a large snake that kills animals by squeezing them very hard.

Giant: (n) a person of human shape but enormous size and strength.

Monsoon: (n) the season of heavy rain in southern Asia or the wind which brings the rain.

Mantelpiece: (n) a self that above a fireplace.

Rhinoceros: (n) a large animal from Africa or Asia, with a thick skin and either one or two horns on its nose.



This is my second reading profile.  I choose a different topic from the first one. I am going to tell you about Munich one of the greatest cities in Germany. I choose this city because I visited it so I want to know about her history.  I have this information from the internet,” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”.

Munich is located on the river Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. It is the third largest city in Germany.  It has cold winter, but heavy rainfall us rarely seen in winter.  The coldest month is January.  Snow cover is seen for at least a couple of weeks during winter.  Summers in Munich are fairly warm.  The Austro – Bavarain language is the language spoken around Munich where it is known as osterreichisch-boarisch.

Munich History 

Munich was born 850 years ago, when Henry the Lion–the Duke of Bavaria and Saxony–was on a development binge that led to the creation of Munich, Lübeck, Brunswick, and several other cities.

In 1504, Munich become the capital of Bavaria and by the mid-19th Century, it was a major city with an archbishop, a university, an opera house, palaces, and the other trappings that might be expected of a kingdom’s royal seat.


Munich today



Modern Munich is a city of 1.35 million inhabitants in a metropolitan area with a population of six million. It has the strongest economy of any German city and the lowest unemployed rate of any city.

It is a mix of historic building and impressive architecture, since Munich reconstructed the ruins of their historic buildings but also created new landmarks of architecture. And this is some tourist attractive.

Maripenplazt is a large open square with old and new Town Hall. In addition, The Peterskirche close to Marienplatz is the oldest church of the inner city. You can also visit Two large palaces in Nymphenburg and Oberschleissheim are reminders of Bavaria’s royal past. Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg Palace), some 6 km north west of the city centre, is surrounded by an impressive park and is considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful royal residences. 2 km north west of Nymphenburg Palace is Schloss Blutenburg (Blutenburg Castle), an old ducal country seat with a late-Gothic palace church.

Munich is a  green city with numerous parks. The Englischer Garten, close to the city centre and covering an area of 3.7 km². Other large green spaces are the modern Olympiapark, Westpark, and the parks of Nymphenburg Palace and Schleissheim Palace. The city’s oldest park is the Hofgarten, near the Residenz, and dating back to the 16th century.

The Deutsches Museum or German Museum, located on an island in the River Isar, is one of the oldest and largest science museums in the world.

All in all, Munich is a nice city and it’s hard to make a choice of what to see if you’re only in town for a short time.



New word I learn:

comtinental: (n) commected with or typical of continet.

altitude: (n) the height of sth above sea level.

redundant: (adj ) (usen about employees) no longer needed for a job and therfore out of work.

exhibition: (n) a collection of objects that are shown to the public.

convert: (v) to changes fromone form,systm or use to another.

protection: ( n) away of keeping sb/sth safe so that he/she/it is not harmed or damaged.

This is my first course in the college since I graduated.  In the first week I was happy to join this course because I know it’s not allowed to anyone to join from the midterm. However, I was worried about the people who I will meet, but now I feel comfortable with my new friend.  This level is difficult and has a lot of things to do. For example, I have to read an article or book and summarize it every week. I also have to do some practice in the college website. In addition, I have to use the student blog to put all my work and the voice thread to practice the speaking.

 I manage to finish everything on time and to organize my day. I study for 4 or 5 hours a day, spend time with my family and do my hobby which is graphic design. I meet my friend at the weekend and we have a coffee or a lunch.

 I feel comfortable when I use the new technology to do my English work such as the blog and voice thread because it’s lets me see my friends work so I can have different ideas about the topic. Moreover,I  see the comment which the teachers write about my friends mistake so I will learn from this mistake.  The one thing that I didn’t like so much is the way that we practice the writing.  I think if each one write her owns eassy and then we discuss all together will be better because everyone will know her band and see her mark and try to improve herself.


Word count: 268

For my first book profile I choose to read an article about “ Sinking of the Titanic”.  I got this from the internet “ Student resource center”.  I choose this because I watched the film and I liked it so I want to know more fact about it. The story told as that. in 1912 a tragedy occurred in The Newfound land ocean. A great construction ship called Titanic struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean headed towards New York city.

Mankind sometimes, believes in his ability and they don’t think of god’s destiny for us. the Titanic was a venture it was a marriage between American money and British Technology.  British people thought they could compete with Crack Cunard liners in Speed, size and grander.  they decided to build Luxurious ship.

the evening of April 14, the sea was exceptionally calm and the sky was starry, but moonless.  the Titanic had received a number of warnings of ice in the region, and although the captain didn’t alter his speed there were several reasons for this .  that visibility seemed to be good and the ship was believed to be unsinkable increased his overconfidence.  moreover, April is one of the worst months for iceberg coming from the west coast of Greenland. About a thousand of these icebergs reach shipping lines each year.  Unfortunately, the collision occurred at 11:40 pm and the order to ready the lifeboats was given at 12:20 there were only sixteen lifeboats for emergencies which were enough roughly half of the passengers, which was a major contribtion to this tragedy.  furthermore, many boats were only partly loaded and the cargo ports were never opened so many boats escaped only partly filled.

Finally, I would like to say that the Titanic is a good lesson for mankind to never be pompous about their great achievements and to believe and trust in God’s great destiny for us.

This is some new word I learned:

  1. Visibility: (n) The distance that you can see in particualr light or wather conditions.
  2. Practicality: (adv) almost,nearly.
  3. Overcrowded: (adj) Used about a place with too many people.
  4. Contributed: (V) To give a pard of the total together with others.
  5. Venture: (n) a project which is new and often risky, because you cannot be sure that it will succeed.
  6. Elegant: (adj) Showing Style of good design.
  7. Iceberg:  ( n) avery large block of ice thet is floating in the sea.



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