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Process diagram


Source: Acheve IELTS Practice Test Book


 The infographic shows twelve steps of how coffee is made. The first step is that the coffee beans are sorted by hand. Next, the beans are cleaned and sieved.  Then, the beans are dried in the sun for four weeks.  When the beans are dry, they are raked and turned by people.  After that they are stored in silo for some time and then they are sent to the mill by trucks for hulling. The next step, the coffee beans are graded. From here there are two possible routes to take, bagging or roasting. If they bag the beans, they will sell them in the market as they are. The other option is that they send the coffee beans to the factory to roast them in a special machine. The final step is that the roasted coffee beans are then packed before being sold in the market to the customer.

word count: 150


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