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Egyptian princess mummy had oldest known heart disease





A studying has done on the mummy found that the mummy died because of heart attack and stroke and an Egyptian princes called Ahmose Meryer Amon is one of them.  a professor said if the princes was in a time which equipment is available and I see her.  I will advice her to do a diet and do exercise and then do a heart surgery. Although, they removed heart from all mummies the CT scans, show that there is some problem with heart but the study can’t confirm this because a lot of mummies disintegrated or missing.

The professor said there weren’t any cause of heart problem during that time like smoking but they thing eating and became fat is the reason for the heart for the princess because she wasn’t ate the same as ordinary people and they found two in the princes family died with the same reason. I think what the professor said is right and if they do study for one person not from the princes family and compare with the result  they will confirm the reason.

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New word I learned:


postpone : (v) to arrange that sth will happen at a later time than the time you had planned.

 calorie: (n) a unit for measuring the energy that a certain amount of food will produce.

 Mummy: (n) a dead body of a person or animal which has been preserved by rubbing it with special oils and wrapping it in cloth.

 coronary: (adj) connected with the heart.

 associate:  (adj) (only before a noun) of a slightly lower rank or status associate members of the organization.

 contribute: (v) to give a part of the total, together with others.



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