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Now we spent fifteen weeks in the college and in fact it was a difficult time because our IELTS exam is in week seventeen so I am worried about it. I try to finished all my assignments on time but I focus on a problem which makes me late to post my work in the blog  and that’s because the college site wasn’t open in the house but when we speak to our teacher and she speak to the supervisor they solved the problem. I have managed my time by finishing a lot of the work during the weekend so during weekday I just do my homework and review for the IELTS. In the afternoon I stay with my family. I feel that I need some week to be ready for the IELTS except for the writing, however, I am trying to be ready by studying hard these two weeks, but I am still worried about it.  We did the Heate exam, it was easy but the last part in reading is difficult, but it’s still easier than the IELTS. Next year I think I will practice my English by speaking with our teacher and doing some work in the library. I don’t thing I need to use Voice Thread anymore because I need to deal with people to prepare me ready for job.

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We have now spent 11 weeks in the college.  During this time we took two writing exams task one in week five and the other in week nine.  When I finished my exam, I thought that I didn’t do very well and I would not pass and really I was very frustrated.  However, when they post it, I was pleased because I passed and got c and c+. I also felt happy that my skill has improved in writing. I decided to study hard and spend more time to do extra work. As I see, I need to work more in Tense Buster for my grammar. Moreover, I need to learn more new vocabulary which will give me a higher band. One more plus, is to practice and practice everyday and I need to time my self as for the Ielts exam, 20 min task 1 and 49 min task 2. The most important thing to give you a clear essay, is to plan for it before you start writing.  Finally, I hope to get a higher mark for the next exam and pass the whole course.   

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I spent eight weeks in the college. During this time, a lot of things happened.  First of all,  there were many pieces of work that I had to complete on time such us, summarize reading report, voice thread, Ether pad, Road to IELTS and Tense Buster. I was happy about the mark I got in the Math quiz and finished all my work on time.On the other hand, I was worried about the project, exam and some assignments that I didn’t understand.  I felt comfortable when I did video recordings for speaking practice because I know it will help me to be ready for the mid exam.

I always prefer to do all my work in the house because I like to study alone and understand what I did.  I usually study for four hours and then I stay with my family. During the weekend I went out with my friends or my family.  I think I need to study hard after week eight because of the Ielts exam. I felt happy and comfortable when I did all my work online because It saves time and you can finish your work even, if you are absent .  On the other hand, I don’t agree with the Ether pad because each student has their own idea so it will be difficult for the group to write one paragraph. I think if each student writes her own essay on the eater pad it will help us to know our band .

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This is my first course in the college since I graduated.  In the first week I was happy to join this course because I know it’s not allowed to anyone to join from the midterm. However, I was worried about the people who I will meet, but now I feel comfortable with my new friend.  This level is difficult and has a lot of things to do. For example, I have to read an article or book and summarize it every week. I also have to do some practice in the college website. In addition, I have to use the student blog to put all my work and the voice thread to practice the speaking.

 I manage to finish everything on time and to organize my day. I study for 4 or 5 hours a day, spend time with my family and do my hobby which is graphic design. I meet my friend at the weekend and we have a coffee or a lunch.

 I feel comfortable when I use the new technology to do my English work such as the blog and voice thread because it’s lets me see my friends work so I can have different ideas about the topic. Moreover,I  see the comment which the teachers write about my friends mistake so I will learn from this mistake.  The one thing that I didn’t like so much is the way that we practice the writing.  I think if each one write her owns eassy and then we discuss all together will be better because everyone will know her band and see her mark and try to improve herself.


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