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This is my first course in the college since I graduated.  In the first week I was happy to join this course because I know it’s not allowed to anyone to join from the midterm. However, I was worried about the people who I will meet, but now I feel comfortable with my new friend.  This level is difficult and has a lot of things to do. For example, I have to read an article or book and summarize it every week. I also have to do some practice in the college website. In addition, I have to use the student blog to put all my work and the voice thread to practice the speaking.

 I manage to finish everything on time and to organize my day. I study for 4 or 5 hours a day, spend time with my family and do my hobby which is graphic design. I meet my friend at the weekend and we have a coffee or a lunch.

 I feel comfortable when I use the new technology to do my English work such as the blog and voice thread because it’s lets me see my friends work so I can have different ideas about the topic. Moreover,I  see the comment which the teachers write about my friends mistake so I will learn from this mistake.  The one thing that I didn’t like so much is the way that we practice the writing.  I think if each one write her owns eassy and then we discuss all together will be better because everyone will know her band and see her mark and try to improve herself.


Word count: 268


For my first book profile I choose to read an article about “ Sinking of the Titanic”.  I got this from the internet “ Student resource center”.  I choose this because I watched the film and I liked it so I want to know more fact about it. The story told as that. in 1912 a tragedy occurred in The Newfound land ocean. A great construction ship called Titanic struck an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean headed towards New York city.

Mankind sometimes, believes in his ability and they don’t think of god’s destiny for us. the Titanic was a venture it was a marriage between American money and British Technology.  British people thought they could compete with Crack Cunard liners in Speed, size and grander.  they decided to build Luxurious ship.

the evening of April 14, the sea was exceptionally calm and the sky was starry, but moonless.  the Titanic had received a number of warnings of ice in the region, and although the captain didn’t alter his speed there were several reasons for this .  that visibility seemed to be good and the ship was believed to be unsinkable increased his overconfidence.  moreover, April is one of the worst months for iceberg coming from the west coast of Greenland. About a thousand of these icebergs reach shipping lines each year.  Unfortunately, the collision occurred at 11:40 pm and the order to ready the lifeboats was given at 12:20 there were only sixteen lifeboats for emergencies which were enough roughly half of the passengers, which was a major contribtion to this tragedy.  furthermore, many boats were only partly loaded and the cargo ports were never opened so many boats escaped only partly filled.

Finally, I would like to say that the Titanic is a good lesson for mankind to never be pompous about their great achievements and to believe and trust in God’s great destiny for us.

This is some new word I learned:

  1. Visibility: (n) The distance that you can see in particualr light or wather conditions.
  2. Practicality: (adv) almost,nearly.
  3. Overcrowded: (adj) Used about a place with too many people.
  4. Contributed: (V) To give a pard of the total together with others.
  5. Venture: (n) a project which is new and often risky, because you cannot be sure that it will succeed.
  6. Elegant: (adj) Showing Style of good design.
  7. Iceberg:  ( n) avery large block of ice thet is floating in the sea.



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