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This is my forth reading report . I decided to do some thing different from the other one I did so I choose a story from the library which an adentouous story.  it’s wrote by jules verne. the story tell us that German scientist, Professor Lidenbrock, has bought an original manuscript titled the “Heims Kringla,” by Snorro Turleson, a twelfth century Icelandic author. Whilst Professor Lidenbrock is perusing the manuscript, a document falls out. It is written by the alchemist Arne Saknussemm, and it claims to have found a way to the centre of the Earth through the mouth of a volcano in Iceland. The Professor’s nephew, Axel, is immediately worried at his uncle’s excitement.  in the early parts of the novel, Axel, who narrates the story, colourfully describes his uncle’s mad and impatient nature. Axel knows that once the idea of travelling to the centre of the Earth has been implanted in the Professor’s mind, he will be difficelat to Lidenbrock’s crazy schemes. Axel’s fate is soon sealed. Even his girlfriend, Grauben, is not alarmed by the prospect of Axel travelling to the centre of the earth. She wishes him well and promises to marry him on his return. Uncle and nephew then promptly travel to Iceland and start their adventure. in my opinion  , I don’t like this story because I feel it’s boring  not interesting but I read it beacause my friend recommed it to me and I  recommed it to who loves adventures and discovery.

New world I learned:

manuscript : (n) a very old book or document that was written by hand.

volcano : (n) a mountain with a hole at the top through which steam, hot rocks, fire, ect.

narrates : ( v) to tell story.

alarmed : (adj) frightened or worried.

adventure :  ( N) an experience or event that is very unusual, exciting or dangerous.



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